Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day in my Life

Some people wonder what life is like for us living as missionaries in the Philippines. Our days are varied but this is what today was like for me:
  • Turned on the water pump so we could have running water
  • Checked email and Facebook for news of friends and family
  • Folded and put away laundry that had hung in our living room to dry
  • Quick breakfast
  • Family loaded up in 2 motorcycle trikes to government office for our weekly health clinic
  • Tested patients' blood glucose after Thomas monitored their blood pressure while our girls sang Christmas music and presented each patient with a Christmas ornament we made the day before
  • Went marketing
  • Walked the distance of about a half mile home carrying about 5 kilos of groceries
  • Washed the breakfast dishes while the girls played with the neighbor children in the courtyard
  • Filled our water purifier
  • Served Kool-Aid to our girls and their playmates
  • Gathered up the trash from our apartment and carried it down 2 flights of stairs and around the rice terrace and up the stairs to the curb
  • Went to visit a friend, Myla and her young daughter and infant son
  • Visited with the neighbors answering some of their questions about homeschooling
  • Comforted Annalise after a little boy that came over from a nearby construction site to join in the children's play punched her in the face
  • Talked with her about needing to be forgiving and kind
  • Warmed up leftover fried rice for lunch
  • Washed a load of laundry and hung it up to dry
  • Administered the last evaluations of term 1 of our homeschool
  • Walked to the post office to see if the letter from Immigration we have been waiting for has arrived or any other mail
  • Went marketing for some more groceries including 4 kilos of rice and powdered milk
  • Visited with a few of our health clinic patients that I saw while in town
  • Walked back to our apartment with about 8 kilos of groceries
  • Did some planning for our next school term
  • Searched online for clues to the foot pain Thomas is experiencing
  • Skype call with my parents
  • Celebrated the completion of the school term with a dinner of Thomas's homemade pizza and popcorn
  • Swept and mopped the floors

Hopefully through a loving touch, a smile, conversation...I shared Jesus today.