Monday, April 11, 2011


You can never be sure what to expect at the Municipal Flag Raising Ceremony. This morning there were a couple of things that were not quite as one might expect. First, there was the choral presentation of I Wish I Were in Dixie by the Regional Health Unit. I was not expecting to hear that song in Bontoc. More interesting and unusual was the presentation by the police.

Recent legislation in Bontoc has made it possible for the police to confiscate slot machines. This morning, the Chief of Police displayed 20 units which had been confiscated. In order to avoid any questions about the proper disposal of the slot machines, they were to be destroyed during the flag ceremony. The mayor and other community leaders were given the first WHACKS!

The Mayor Strikes a Blow

Before long though, many of the government employees were wielding hammers, pry bars, large pipe wrenches, pipes, and feet to destroy the devices.

The Destruction Continues

The coins within were collected and will probably be used to repair the computer and printer at the police station.

A Smashed Heap

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's on the Menu?

At Friday's Health Clinic, Lisa was talking with one of our regular, diabetic patients about his elevated blood glucose level. He asked her, "Do you think it could be because of all the whiskey and dog meat I ate last night?"