Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Family that Plays Together

This week our entire family worked together to facilitate team building for YWAM Baguio's Family Discipleship Training School (FDTS). It was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the very principles we were sharing.
Helium Hoop Central
Preparing for Landing
Marble Pipeline - the calm before the storm
Together we led activities, debriefed activities, and presented teachings to the group of 30 or so members of the FDTS. For Alayna and Annalise, this was their teaching debut. Alayna surprised herself with how well she could do and Annalise, perhaps, surprised everyone else.

Four lovely instructors
Not only did we get to work together as a family, we also had the privilege of making new friends. Students came from different places in the Philippines, Canada, Spain, and the US.  The girls really enjoyed having others their own age at the Training Center.

A Blind Hexagon taking shape

Saving the world from nuclear waste, one soda bottle at a time