Friday, December 12, 2008

Post #400

For the last year, 8 months, and 5 days we have shared glimpses of this journey we are on with Jesus. We have shared the ups and downs, the joys and challenges, along the path. According to the counter, there have been some who have been checking in on us from time to time. So we are looking forward to hearing from you. Some of you have revealed yourselves and left a comment or more. Others remain hidden in anonymity. We want to hear from all of you, out of the 400 posts which do you remember most? Which were your favorites? Is there a picture or video clip that really captured your attention? Are there any that touched a special part of your heart?

Sometimes it is a challenge to come up with how to communicate in a few sentences what our family is experiencing...but we'll keep on trying.


  1. You have been tagged, instructions are on our blog.

  2. So glad you are sharing your journey with us.

  3. Holly,
    We are glad to share our journey. But you did not answer the question we asked in the post - what has been your favorite post?


  4. Hey guys!! The most memorable post that I can remember is the video of you ice fishing!! I just loved the whole thing!!
    I always enjoy any time you have pictures and videos in your post. Keep them coming!!!

    Consider your family hugged!

  5. MY favorites (yes, there are more than 1) are the many things that remind me of our home there in the Philippines. Yes, they make us a bit homesick but it is delightful to read about these from your blog. I also love the posts about your ministry with the youth. And we feel blessed that the Lord has brought you to my country to share the gospel.