Monday, July 20, 2009

All Business...

I have already talked about how I often attend the Municipal Government Flag Ceremony on Monday mornings. A few times I have presented during this time. Our whole family has even done a dramatic presentation.

The flag ceremony is held in the parking lot (I think it is officially referred to as the quadrangle) of the Bontoc Municipal Government offices. Each department forms a line facing the steps of the main entrance. An employee representing the department responsible for coordinating the meeting emcees the event.

Besides the obvious patriotic aspects, the flag ceremony provides a forum for the different offices to communicate important updates related to their duties. But often, the event incorporates a little bit of levity to help the employees start their week. So was the case this week as a couple of the ladies were called forward and music broke out from the sound system.

For those of you with slow connections and cannot download the video, I apologize. I did not get any pictures of the dancing.



  1. This is my 3rd attempt. My firefox keeps crashing everytime I hit the Post Comment button here. Anyway, if you haven'y received what I typed earlier, here it is again. "This gave me a flashback of my high school days. On monday mornings, we, all students and teachers, would assemble at the quadrangle for a short flag ceremony, prayer, principal's talk, and the, calisthenics, to the music of Joplin's The Entertainer. It was in the late 70s, i believe square dance wasn't born yet. Thanks for sharing."

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    Dios ti agngina kanyayo amin...!