Thursday, October 22, 2009

K-9 Awards

This blog recently received a surprise award. It was recognized by You can see it in their blog awards listing.

How we came to be recognized is beyond my understanding. Only three posts have anything to do with dogs: Ilocano Proverbs and Sayings and Dogs are Friends, Not Food and The Battle Rages On.

The Dog Health Problems people would certainly be overwhelmed at the myriad health problems that can be seen in the numerous wandering dogs of Bontoc. People here do not have pets in the same way as in the US. Most dogs are left to fend for themselves and look like it: hair falling out, much too thin, and skin disorders. The local government works hard to immunize for rabies, but how do you manage that project in a place where strays are the status quo?

Of course, we probably would not have been given this award if they had known that one of our daughters actually did eat dog in the past month. When we were invited to have lunch at the government offices during the Am-Among Festival last month, she unknowingly served herself some. Not knowing what to do once she found out without offending our hosts, she quietly ate it. Later she said that it tasted like chicken. Okay, not really. But she said it was good. (If you want to know who it was, she has blue eyes and her name starts with an A.)

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  1. Funny post! Dog and balut, two things I really don't want to try. Oh and chicken cooked in it's blood. It's too early in the morning for such thoughts.

    The dogs are another one of the things that I have found so different here. The healthy ones are few and far between.