Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sweet Ending

Our first week of school is complete. We:
  • started our study of the book of Mark,
  • solved various mathematical problems,
  • learned about the Wars of the Roses, Cosimo de Medici, Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Spanish Inquisition as we began our study of the Renaissance to discover the Mystery of History,
  • studied some of the marvels of the scientific world including birds, physical science and chemistry,
  • listened to different family members' music created with the keyboard, dulcimer, and guitar as well as, some of the composer Bach's pieces,
  • admired some of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpieces,
  • joined Christiana as she starts along the Pilgrim way
  • read different literature selections from Ambleside Online including reading to see if it is true that All's Well That Ends Well
  • practiced hospitality
  • even got watercolors out and painted birds, this is noteworthy because I toted some art supplies all the way here over 2 years ago yet we seldom "get to" art
  • took a trip to the market for a real life economics lesson and exercise

All this in the first week.
Anticipating a great year of learning together!



  1. Is Annalise enjoying ube ice cream?! Seems you are settling back into life in Bontoc...glad to hear.

  2. Yes Shawna, Annalise is enjoying her favorite Filipino flavor ube. She attracted a lot of attention with her purple face!