Friday, October 22, 2010

Calvinball: Game 2 of New Season

Our MVP Thomas pulled through with another victory at the BI field in Manila this morning. Despite the ever-changing rules, he was declared a winner in record time. Here are the game stats:
  • 6:45 arrived at BI
  • 7:25 found that processing begins at 8
  • 8:05 window 24, extension receiving "go to visa extension desk"
  • Visa extension desk "go to 4th floor office 401"
  • 8:15 office 401-"talk with guy with checked shirt"-office 419
  • 419 shirt guy, immigration lawyer- shuffles papers, says they are out of order and need 2 hole fasteners, then take to office 426
  • 8:25 rearrange and punch papers (this did not rattle him- he was prepared with needed hole punch and fasteners in backpack)
  • 8:30 papers resorted and organized by lady in 426 "take to 425"
  • 8:45 papers signed by checked shirt guy in 425
  • Window 14 to receive bill
  • 9:00 Window 13 to pay "take receipt to copier and take receipt to Window 14" (rarely is there a working copier on site)
  • 9:10 dropped off papers at Window 14 and waited for next step
  • 9:15 Window 14 lady came to lobby and asked what I was waiting for

The team is now on the way back home for a victory celebration and rest. No more games scheduled until notice of hearing arrives in the mail.


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