Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maligcong - September 18

Now that the team has returned to the USA and we have a little more time, I hope to be able to do some catch-up of what has been happening.

One of our first adventures was to take the team to Maligcong.  This gave most of the members their first opportunity to have a truly Filipino experience - riding a jeepney.  Some even enjoyed the natural beauty of the area by riding on top of the jeepney.

Brothers Zack and Breck taking a moment for a photo-op

Because the team is large they were able to divide, with part of the team staying in the sitio of Favuyan and the other hiking through the wonders of the rice terraces to the sitio of Fang-orao.

In Favuyan...
Michelle and Reuben leading worship

Eric giving testimony of how God saved his life

Ariana reciting Scripture during Michelle's message

Children's church

Taden making friends - people loved to play with the team's youngest member

In Fang-orao...
Photo-op while hiking through the terraced mountains to Fang-orao

The team shared "cardboard testimonies" like Eli is showing here:  one side showing a struggle the person faced and the other side showing how God brought them through it.

Marie expanding on her testimony

Darren and Krista presenting the sermon together
The sermon was followed by a time of prayer.

 As the sermon was presented and prayers were offered, Leigh sat on the stairs outside and colored with the children who were too active to sit through the service.

After service, both teams enjoyed sharing a meal with the congregation they spent the morning with.  It was a good day.

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