Friday, January 13, 2012

Calvary Gospel School of Ministry

January 10, Adriana and I headed to Talubin. I was going as a teacher and Adriana as a temporary student to Calvary Gospel School of Ministry. 
Adriana on the bus to Talubin
Just before our Christmas travels, the pastor who heads the school saw me and invited me to come and teach for a few days.
A view of Talubin from the church
 I began my lecture with a question and then sent the students into the community to ask the same question of people they met. The answers they found provided some of the discussion for our time together.

Janice asking questions for her assignment
In the 3 days, I taught about the church and teaching techniques. In talking about the church, we discussed what it is, its purpose, and why it exists. The teaching techniques focused on teaching oral learners, emphasizing the value of using the stories of the Bible. So often church becomes a place instead of people and teaching becomes more important than learning.

After classes each day we were able to spend casual time with the staff and the students. Adriana talked with the students as they went about their work and even lent a hand where she could.
Here I was teasing Adriana about watching as Geraldine was working.
Gina and Adriana

The students cook all of their meals in the dirty kitchen over an open fire. This task is as much about being together as it is about preparing a meal. With the cool days, sitting near the fire was a comfortable place to gather and talk.

A couple of the students were watching their little sister while we were there. Omeg and I became good friends. We could not talk too much, but since she is only 4 years old, language does not get in the way of play. One of her sisters said that she had not seen Omeg laugh and carry on the way she was with me.
Thomas and Omeg
While we were blessed to make new friends, we also enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces. Adriana was hoping that she would be able to see her friend Cassey while we were in Talubin. Cassey was part of our SSM program for a while, but now lives with her family in Talubin. One of the students took Adriana to Cassey's house for a surprise reunion.
Cassey and Adriana
We had a great time in Talubin. Classes went well and this time there was not as much of a language barrier so conversation was easier as well. Even though we had a great time, it was good to head home to be with the rest of our family.


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