Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mountain-Top Experience

Continuing the journey of working together with our Crossroads Discipleship Training School staff, Pastor Marvin (one of our CDTS coworkers) invited Alexie and Alayna to join him in a ministry of his church. Every Wednesday they have Bible studies at Pinsao National High School. Alexie and Alayna were asked to present an interpretive dance during a crusade planned after school.

When they went in front, everyone pressed forward to see. Even students who had been in the back talking with each other came forward and watched intently.
Pinsao National High School courtyard under a canopy of feed bags. There are no mountains in the background because we are on the peak of the mountain.
Alexie and Alayna presenting interpretive dance to the song, "This Man" by Jeremy Camp
Besides Alexie and Alayna, the CDTS director gave a challenging Gospel message, and members of the church presented dance, song, and worship.
Singers, dancers, speakers, and stage-hands with Pastor Marvin in center front.
The neighborhood in which the school and Pastor Marvin's church is located is called Dreamland;  perhaps because it is so high that it is often shrouded by clouds.

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