Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adriana's New Adventure

The past several months have all been leading up to a major transition for our family: Adriana leaving for college. There have been many forms filled out, still more emails sent and responded to, appointments scheduled, and even a couple of flights between the US and the Philippines.

Saturday morning a new journey began. Adriana said "See you later" to her sisters and grandparents.
One last shot
Then we were off to Grace College.

The Welcome Weekend was a busy time for all of the incoming freshmen. There were activities for students with their parents, students only, and parents only.

Of course, getting settled into the dorm room is very important also.  Adriana will be staying at one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.

But a dorm room is still a dorm room. With a few modifications, the beds were lofted and there was a lot of space available. Adriana had just fallen asleep when her room mate arrived at midnight on Saturday. (She and a few other students had just arrived from South Korea.)
"Home" in "Westy"
Lisa and I did not get to meet Adriana's room mate, Yelee, until Sunday afternoon during a last minute Walmart trip.
Yelee and Adriana
During Chapel service Sunday morning the three of us did have a time of tears as we held each other and prayed remembering God's faithfulness, reflecting on His promises, and looking forward to what was ahead of us. 

Sunday afternoon we were doing some final touches on her dorm when her floor mates came and pulled her away so they could all have dinner together. So our "See you later" was without tears - no prolonged goodbyes, just one more hug and a quick prayer of blessing and she was out the door.  But as Lisa and I were driving home, we were comforted by the many assurances God gave us that Adriana is where she is supposed to be.  We look forward to what God will do in her life in this new adventure of college.

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  1. So cool that Adriana is off to college... sounds like you were able to get her settled in and ready for this big step. Praying that she is doing well in her first little while and also that the rest of you are doing well in her absence.