Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Annalise and Alayna!

Three weeks ago Annalise celebrated her 12th birthday.  Today Alayna celebrates her 15th.

So here is a little walking and skipping through the last year.
Back:  Alayna, Josiah, Alexie
Front:  Jordan, Annalise, Adriana

Getting ready to send Adriana off to college

The first of many summer catches

Alayna celebrating last year

The Sisterhood of MudLove

A lunch date with Adriana near her college

Enjoying fall and playing in the leaves

Fierce competition

Back to the Philippines

Dinner on the roof

It's more fun in the Philippines - even when your companion is Vietnamese

Ready for Camiguin Island

Annalise working on her sand castle - before the tide came in

Taking a break between villages

Camiguin friends

Annalise being a "victim" during PHILEO Response Team training

We need to lift the backboard all the way up there!

Alayna performing during the YWAM Northern Luzon regional conference

I can praise Him! You can praise Him! Everyone praise Jesus!

Alayna doing what Alayna does so well

14 hours on the bus, 5 hours on the boat

Friends on Camiguin Island

Best friends

New friends
I started to do this as separate posts, but too many things conspired against that plan.  First, I have not been so good about making any posts on this blog recently (although I am trying to improve).  Second, they celebrate their birthdays only 3 weeks apart, further aggravating my blog lethargy.  While the first 2 are shaky reasons indeed, I am happy about the last reason:  our daughters, all 4 of them, are close to each other so it is difficult to separate each of them from each other.


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