Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Lisa turned another year young today!

No, this picture is not really current. It is from 2005. I was just looking through the pictures that made it here in the madness of our preparations to leave for Bontoc. It looks like 2005 is the earliest birthday picture I could find. 4 out of the 5 girls pictured look older today than they do in the picture above. I am blessed to have such a beautiful wife!

It was a modest birthday celebration. Besides her favorite, angel food cake, we had mango ice cream as part of our family celebration. Last year she celebrated with a large bowl of mangoes, but this year they are not available because of the early rains. (Lest I overlook a kindness, our friends served ice cream after church in honor of her birthday as well.) Lisa's mom and dad also gave a call via Skype to wish her a happy birthday. Probably Lisa's favorite momento of the day is Annalise's handwritten card wishing her a "Happy Birfday!" - complete with a self-portrait of her in the pigtails she wore today.

I am truly blessed to share this journey with my best friend. (When you read this, Lisa, remember how much I love you!)



  1. Bealted birthday greetings, Lisa! May the Lord bless you richly.

  2. Just a day before my Mom's B-day. Did you know that my Dad and Betty share B-day's. Strange alignments in the stars. Anyway, Happy B-Day! Our seasons must be similar, this is prime mango season in FL. Fortunately, we're not dealing with floods this year. We'll eat some Mango salsa in your honor this weekend.

  3. Mango salsa sounds delicious. We have made pineapple salsa but not mango salsa. Tortilla chips is something we buy in Baguio and take on the 6 hour bus ride home to Bontoc. We have also made homemade tortillas since none can be found. All this talk is making me hungry. Maybe tonight we will make fajitas!