Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lola & Lolo are Here!

There has been so much that has happened in the past week. Hopefully the collection of pictures below will give you an idea of what we have been doing.Mom, Dad, and my niece, Jordan, arrived Tuesday evening to lots of excited hugs. We were all glad to finally be in Bontoc! The bus ride was long, bumpy, and tiring. (Dad was missing his easy chair.)

The kids have enjoyed playing the new game Grandma brought with her, Bananagrams.
Annalise read Grandpa a book or two.
We visited the Bontoc Museum and explored the interactive, outdoor exhibits.

Mom learned a little bit about pounding rice.I think they now appreciate grocery stores much more. Jordan had no interest in looking through the meat market - not even for a picture!
Everybody loved the beauty of the mountains and the Maligcong Rice Terraces - 8th Wonder of the World.

Because Independence Day was Friday, we held our YWAM Health Clinic on Thursday. Mom and Dad enjoyed talking with the people who visited.
Of course, we had to see the parade!
This is a picture of Mom and Irish. Irish is one of the students in our Student Sponsorship Ministry. Because she lives by the University of Notre Dame, Mom was able to get a number of buttons with "Irish" themes: Kiss Me I'm Irish, Luck of the Irish, and such. She brought them along so she could give them to Irish when they met.
Also at Fun Night, the staff and students performed some of the traditional gong music and dancing. Jordan was a little embarrassed at being so close to handsome young men wearing g-strings.
Saturday was a beautiful day for enjoying the Mainit Hot Springs.
Dad and Jordan both gave their testimonies at church on Sunday. I loved hearing my Dad share some of the stories of his life's journey. There were a couple he shared that I had never heard before.
We had just left this souvenir shop when these two ladies were walking by. They excitedly ushered Jordan back into the store. There they grabbed one item after another until she was all dressed up Igorot-style. It was really cute. They spoke no English and our limited Ilocano only helped us to find that their names were Margarita and Concepcion. Margarita kept trying to get Jordan to dance, but she was a little overwhelmed already. I was curious how Jordan would have reacted if they had tried to put a snake vertebrae headband on her.
Monday morning, Dad and I attended the Municipal Government Flag Ceremony. Afterward, Dad took my place as speaker for the Moral Recovery Program. Having been a government employee for his career he was able to share insights from his career. It was very well received.
Mom also brought the game, Water Works, from home. It is a game I remember from my childhood. We have enjoyed playing it and just being together.

Today, Alayna and Annalise celebrated their birthdays a little early. Their grandparents and cousin brought their birthday gifts. Rather than waiting until August, the girls were delighted to discover the gifts beneath the wrapping paper.

We are blessed that our family has been able to travel to our side of the world and get a small taste of our ministry and our lives as we spend some precious time together.



  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time together. Hope the rest of the time is safe and food for each of your souls.

  2. Thanks for sharing the excitement of the visit. The joy on all sides shines through the miles in your pictures. An unforgettable time!

  3. Wonderful that everyone made it in safely! That's nice work on the make shift easy chair. All he needs is the equivalent of a remote control, whatever that may be in Bontoc, and he'll be set.

  4. Such a sweet time you have together. What a blessing to have Lolo and Lola for a visit! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and photos. We miss my kid's Lolos and Lolas too back home.. God bless!

    PS. And yes, I remember waterworks!

  5. what fun! such precious memories...