Monday, January 10, 2011


Today when I was walking home from the market, I was feeling a bit down. Thomas and I usually walk to the market together but he is in Manila this week for some YWAM meetings and the girls were back at our apartment finishing the day's schoolwork. I was alone. Then this little girl dressed in her school uniform came up to me and said, "Hi." I talked to her briefly and learned she was a six-year-old named Naomi in grade 1. I commented on how I liked her smile and dimples. Then I continued on my way until I realized Naomi was following just a few steps behind me.

My question "Would you like to walk with me?" was met with more smiles and a nod of her head. So we quietly walked together. Suddenly, I was not thinking about how much I missed my husband, I was thinking about Naomi.

It was 5 minutes in my day and we waved and said our good-byes hours ago, yet I am still thinking about Naomi. I wonder if she walks home from school alone each day. I wonder if when she arrived home, there was anyone to greet her.


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  1. What a sweet moment! I love picturing you walking to the market (especially since I've been there!).
    What a gift to be the light for Naomi for those 5 minutes. I pray you get to meet her and talk again. Praying for your family Lisa!