Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Learning

Right before Thomas left on Sunday, for Manila for a week of YWAM meetings, we discovered our new water purifier stopped functioning. Now we must go back to buying water for drinking and cooking. On Monday, I noticed the water level in our water tank was low. On Tuesday, it was almost empty. That is when, in a conversation with the gentleman next door, I learned some pipes are damaged and it may be another week before they are repaired. Time for some serious water conservation. (Annalise asked, "Do the people in the military take military showers?) I was able to contact a water delivery place but they could not deliver any water until Wednesday afternoon. Sleeping is always a struggle for me when Thomas is away. Three nights of little sleep, water issues, and shouldering the responsibilities of both mom and dad...Anyways, this morning before I even got out of bed, I asked God to forgive me for not serving my family with a cheerful heart and asked for His help so I could have a better attitude. Then I flipped the light switch on. Still dark. I almost laughed out loud when I realized there was a brown-out, wondering where the camera was hid for the reality show I must be on. So even though we had water in our tank, there was no way to get it to our apartment until the power was restored. About 12 hours later, right after I finished preparing tonight's dinner in our dark, cluttered kitchen, the power came back on.

I am reading Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg. I just came to the chapter about contentment. Coincidence? I don't think so.


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  1. It is really very good to hear someone else admit to needing Gods help.
    I really enjoyed reading this post and
    thank you for allowing me to comment about this post.