Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Answered Prayer

Our desire is to share the truth
of the Gospel with people of all ages.  One challenge is that many children do not learn English until they attend school and their English skills are not strong until they are in their upper grades.  One project we have undertaken to resolve this is working with high school and college students to translate the Read Aloud Bible Stories by Ella Lindvall into Ilocano.

As a family we have enjoyed the Read Aloud Bible Stories series since our girls were very young.  The rhythm of the text and the simplicity of the illustrations make an inviting combination.  We brought two copies of the entire set of four volumes so that we could use them in our work here.  Good books are not readily available and quality children's books are even more difficult to obtain.

So far, we have three of the twenty stories completed.  The students, including Adriana and Alexie, have worked hard to translate the meaning and maintain the essence and rhythm of the stories.

As we have completed the stories, we have recorded a native speaker reading the stories.  Now we have the means to read the stories personally or play a recording - complete with chimes to signal
when to turn the page.

The final step in the process is to combine the illustrations with the audio to make a video that can be presented to larger groups than holding up the book would allow.  I am no expert, but this seems to fall into copyright territory.  So yesterday I emailed Moody Publishing asking for permission to use the images.

As I was journaling my prayer this morning, I had just finished asking God to grant me favor with Moody Press.  Without exaggeration - I was writing the first word of the next sentence when Lisa said there was an email from Moody.  They granted copyright permission.  God is so good!

Now we just need to complete the project.  Please pray with us that we can get these stories translated and that they will help people to better know the truths of God's Word and His love for us.



  1. It was pretty cool. We continue to work on getting more of the stories translated. The audio recordings have been very helpful as we travel to different villages. Our daughters have been able to use these as they teach children. I have even used them while teaching adults.