Thursday, June 16, 2011

Balut DTS

One of the responsibilities Lisa and I enjoy is facilitating the ministry of outreach teams that visit YWAM Mountain Province.  For the past several weeks we have been doing just that; a YWAM DTS team has been here joining us in our ministry to the people of Mountain Province.

They served as helping hands to the church as congregations throughout the region met for a multi-day seminar.
Jane and Kolja - Camp Cooks
Taking a few hours off from their duties at the seminar, several team members joined us at our weekly health clinic.  They practiced taking blood pressure readings and blood glucose measurements as we served the 29 patients who attended that day.

I also taught them to twist animal balloons - a useful skill to help our younger patients while they wait.

While we were enjoying our short summer vacation, the team went to Can-eo and Chapyosen with Pastor Rudy and Bridget.
Bible study in Chapyosen
Interpretive dance at Can-eo Station Church
The YWAM Balut DTS team with Pastor Rudy, Bridget, two of their sons.
 One morning, they joined me at the Bontoc Municipal Government flag ceremony where they performed a light-hearted but meaningful skit and presented the teaching for the Moral Recovery Program.

Afterwards, we joined Mayor Sacgaca in his office.  Before leaving, we prayed for him and his leadership for the community.
Mayor Pascual Sacgaca
 Our family was blessed to enjoy several potlucks with the team while they were in town.  There was plenty of silliness when all of those ladies gathered!
A sala full of silliness!

 We weren't able to travel with the team to all of the villages, but I did manage to spend a weekend in Maligcong with them.  I enjoyed visiting a sitio of the village I had never been to before.  I also made a new friend - no balloon-bribery involved.

They left yesterday to get some rest in Baguio before continuing on to another YWAM location for 8 more days of ministry.
Worn out after several weeks of ministry!

It is difficult to say, "See you later," sometimes.  Yet we are blessed to have made new friends and to have been encouraged as others come along side of us in our work here in Mountain Province.



  1. kuya tom! it is so glad to see some of our photos here.. .i miss you are you? :)
    bLessings for your ministry and also for you and for your family.. .how i wish to take a visit there but maybe sooner or later..regards to all ..God Bless!

    jeszy <3

    1. Hi Jeszy! Great to hear from you. We are doing well and are preparing for our trip back to the Philippines.

      What is a favorite memory from your outreach in Mountain Province?