Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6 Plus 3

Our Butterfly is 9!
Although she prefers to refer to her age as "6 plus 3".

This weekend we celebrated her birthday.  Since we couldn't find the bib and the high chair, we decided that we needed a different approach than her first birthday party.

Of course, Lisa made sure it was a very special day.  She is so good at making birthday's special.

A few days before, all four girls received an invitation which said,
Recipe for a Super Culinary Birthday Party
   1 part beautiful birthday girl
   3 parts special sisters
   1 cup laughter
   Large bag of laughter
   Pinch of imagination
Blend well on Saturday, August 16, 2011
Annalise's Cafe, Bontoc, Mountain Province
Please come and make it a delicious day full of sprinkles and memories.

First everyone had to prepare for the day by making hats and aprons. They sewed their own aprons using dish towels.  Annalise chose to wear the special apron she was given with butterflies on it.

While her sisters were finishing their aprons, Annalise began preparing for the Deliciously Decorated Dainty Cakes which would be desert later.

Once the cupcakes were baking, it was time to knead the dough for the Passionately Perfect Personal Pizzas.

Adding the cheese brought all the way from Baguio.

After dinner, we added the final touches to the Deliciously Decorated Dainty Cakes before enjoying the last bit of sparkle that was baked into everything this Super Culinary Birthday had to offer.

Happy 6 plus 3!

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