Thursday, August 4, 2011

See Ya Later

Finally the time for Wendy's visit was drawing to an end.  We had to make the trip back towards Manila for her flight home.  We left early because we wanted to show her a little of Baguio and you can never be sure of travel conditions. 

Within an hour of leaving Bontoc, we were stopped by a landslide, along with many others.  Fortunately it had occurred the previous day and crews were already working on it.  We were only delayed about 30 minutes by the time it was cleared enough for vehicles to pass through.
Waiting for the road to be cleared
Wendy was a blessing in many ways, but one that Lisa and I especially enjoyed was her watching the girls overnight while we took advantage of a rainy day special at Baguio's Camp John Hay.  It was a refreshing time at a beautiful place, despite the rain.
My Beloved and I celebrating a belated 20th anniversary

View of the gardens from the restaurant

We are so thankful for the blessing of Wendy's physical partnership in our ministry for the past few weeks.  The courage she showed in even making the trip by herself and the smile she wore through the challenges were a great encouragement.
Wendy and the 4A's

"See ya later!" at the airport in Manila

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