Monday, December 5, 2011

FDTS Team Building

Last week we were in Baguio. The leaders of the Family Discipleship Training School taking place at the YWAM Baguio Training Center invited me to present a few days of team building for their school.

I have had several opportunities to present team building, but this time I enlisted everyone in the family to help in facilitating the various activities. Each of us led at least one activity and everyone did a great job!

Getting loud and loosened up!
Playing hoop relay after a break.
A lot of blind ambition.
Lean waaayyy back!
When English is nobody's first language, the first problem to solve may be  the definition of a hexagon.
What would team building be without ropes, blindfolds, and carrying someone?
In the evenings, we often gathered to play some games just for the fun of it.

Games are always more fun when accompanied by a popcorn snack!
I have 3 pictures of the next activity, not because we did it so many times, I just enjoyed the expressions Lisa caught on the people's faces.

There was even a final exam in which the entire team had to work together to solve a problem.  They all talked, plotted, planned, and schemed.
Then, they passed...
with flying colors!
It was a great week! Not only did my family get to work together to live and teach team building, we got to fellowship with a great group of people.


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  1. Nice Example of Teambuilding.
    Nice Pics.Thanks for sharing...