Sunday, December 4, 2011


We could not enjoy all of the best things of the Thanksgiving holiday in the usual ways. But with a few modifications, we still had a great day.

Although we have seen a few turkeys around, we could not find any for sale. We still had turkey though, turkey pancakes that is.
Alexie with a turkey pancake at breakfast.
The center-piece was roasted chicken we picked up in town where they make fantastic rotisserie chicken.  In addition to that, we had some traditional favorites with a twist.

We all worked together to make a great meal.  Adriana made stuffing - rice stuffing.  It was delicious.
Adriana cutting onions for the rice stuffing.
Annalise and Lisa prepared green beans. I volunteered to make the corn. (We were able to find canned corn at a shop in town.)
Annalise and Lisa cutting beans.
Alayna made yeast rolls.
 I was really wanting pumpkin pie, but pumpkins are not available. We found however, that when you substitute squash, it still tastes delicious!
Alexie took the lead in the pie making.
We also enjoyed mashed potatoes, wassail, and apple sauce.  It was delicious!

I may not be in any of the pictures, but you can be sure who it was who enjoyed the feast made with lots of love by our whole family.
My beautiful ladies sitting down to enjoy the blessings of God's provision and a morning of labor.
I am not a big sports fan, but I do enjoy watching a football game sometimes. Because of the kindness of a friend, we were able to enjoy another Thanksgiving tradition - watching a game while the food settles enough for you to enjoy leftovers later. Even though I had to explain the game as we went along, the girls enjoyed cheering for their chosen team.

The last, and most important, aspect of the holiday is being with family.  We were blessed to be together for the holiday.  Beyond that, Lisa was able to talk with her family - including her grandfather - using Skype.  Not as good as a hug, but a blessing nonetheless.

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