Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kevin and Charity

Our friends, Kevin and Charity got married April 3. Lisa and I were asked to be sponsors and Alexie was asked to be a bridesmaid. The role of sponsor may not be familiar to most of those reading this blog.  It is an honorary position which serves as a mentor to the couple through the journey of life. 
Alexie was beautiful in her lovely dress

Several children were involved in the wedding as ring bearers, Bible bearers, coin bearers, and of course, flower girls. I have several pictures of them all dressed up, but I thought this one of Thea was especially cute as she converted the basket into a bonnet.

Alexie with Kevin and Charity
Instead of throwing the bouquet, it was given to the lucky young lady through a hot-potato/musical chairs type of elimination.  When it was all over, Alayna was the young lady with the bouquet. Perhaps because the tradition is different, the implications of catching the bouquet are as well, so we don't need to start making wedding plans any time soon - she is only 12 after all.
Alayna and Charity with the bride's bouquet.

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