Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Health Clinic for a While

March 30 was our last YWAM Mountain Province Health clinic before we return to the USA for a time. We look forward to resuming the clinic upon our return to the Philippines later this year. Many of the patients come regularly and have become our friends.

In fact, they honored us with gifts as we celebrated the good that has come from the ministry of the Health Clinic. We received a bag and backpacks made of the hand-woven fabrics this area is known for.  They also blessed us with a song and words of appreciation.
Receiving gifts from some of our patients
During this celebration we had a drawing for prizes. The grand prize drawing included an Ilocano Bible, a bottle of water, powdered milk, and all of the ingredients for a healthy meal of Taco Soup, complete with mangoes for dessert. This prize and the meal it represented were chosen to emphasize the healthy choices we have been teaching:  trust in God, low salt, low fat, low sugar, and more vegetables.  

Since we began offering free blood pressure and blood sugar testing, we have served 1,040 patients with a total attendance of 3,601.


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