Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last MRP - Well, Almost

Monday was the last day I was scheduled to meet with the local police before we return to the US for a visit. I took the opportunity to pour my heart out for them. One of the scheduled topics for the Moral Recovery Program is Love of God - how convenient! I assure you it is no coincidence that the topic for the day matched the most important message on my heart for the officers of the Bontoc Philippine National Police.
Having coffee with some of the officers of the Philippine National Police and Pastor Steve 

The next scheduled MRP session is April 2, which is the same time as the Lang-ay Festival (think State Fair, Igorot style). Usually during such events, the MRP session is rescheduled because the police are very busy. In spite of that, the officers which serve as liasons assured me they would have time for our gathering and asked me to come again before I leave.

This will give me the opportunity to re-introduce Pastor Steve to the police force. He and I partnered in the MRP before, but for the past couple of years he has been focusing his efforts in Saclit. In my absence, he will resume meeting with the Bontoc PNP for the Moral Recovery Program.


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