Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food for the Heart and Mouth

The man in the picture below is Innocencio. He is our mailman. Yesterday is the first day we had mail delivered to our apartment. Most of our mail is delivered to the YWAM post office box. Innocencio introduced himself when he delivered post cards to the girls. Each had to sign for their letters. After the official duties were completed we talked for a few minutes. It was great to hear some of his story.
His name is based on the events of his early life. It seems he was very ill at birth and his parents desired that he be baptized before his expected death. The priest who performed the ceremony was a missionary from Belgium (whose last name is the same as Lisa's maiden name). The priest was expecting this to be a final act of the innocent one's life. Accordingly, he was named Innocencio.
But that was not to be his final act, as you can see by the picture. Innocencio now has 3 children and at least one grandchild, Israel. He lives with his parents in England.
It is amazing, I never knew this much about my own mail carrier at home - and she served us for years. Before leaving, Innocencio hugged me and told me how much he appreciated white people because of what Rev. Bowman had done for him and his community. I felt unworthy of his affection. But it was a reminder to me of how we affect people by our actions and that can produce effects that reveal themselves years and years later. We also attempted to make bread at home. Bread is not very popular here. You can buy loaves of it: white and sometimes wheat, or more commonly as cinnamon rolls or some other sweet roll. But if you want fresh bread of any variety we cannot help you find it here. So we gave it a shot.
Our oven, a toaster oven borrowed from the base, is not too large. Nor does it have the temperature range of a standard oven. But we were able to give it a whirl. We had some flour left over from making play dough and had found yeast so we could make the pizza we mentioned a while back.

Survey says...(long pause for dramatic effect)...yummy

Yes, I realize that the knife pictured is a filet knife. Prior to leaving home, we had put out an appeal for packing suggestions . One tidbit we received was to pack a few good knives - and a worthwhile suggestion I might add. Well, I grabbed a few good knives and my sharpening steel. What I did not grab was a serrated knife.

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