Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Municipal PNP

Yesterday I met with the municipal branch of the Philippine National Police as part of the Moral Recovery Program. Prior to the presentation by the MRP to the police officers, all the members of the municipal government met for their flag raising ceremony. This ceremony included, among other things:

  • the mayor awarding gifts to students for an art contest,
  • an update from the local health officer regarding dengue fever,
  • the commissioning of a new ladies' organization that will work with the local government,
  • music,
  • presentation of new cell phones to serve as hotlines for the police and fire departments,
  • demonstration of how to use the fire extinguishers just purchased for the municipal offices,
  • more music, including a number by the municipal chorus

The mayor demonstrating the new fire extinguishers.

After the rather extended but interesting flag ceremony, we followed the police officers to their offices. Because the ceremony went so long many had to leave right away to get to their posts. After a prayer I was introduced to share the teaching for the MRP. I used the opportunity to introduce myself and our purpose in being here.

I look forward to getting to know these men and women. I pray for their safety as they serve and that they will know Jesus better.

Interestingly, I met a couple from Chicago as I left the office. They are here travelling and photographing the Philippines with another couple from the Netherlands. (Her website is www.lauramcglone.com and if you look in the Humanities she has some great photos from various places in eastern Asia.)


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