Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Everywhere we go, we get noticed. Our white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair certainly make us stand out. Sunday our family attended a community worship service. Over 200 people were in attendance but there was a personal welcome from the pulpit to the "white man." On Monday a Filipino woman came to our door asking to be hired to do our laundry. She explained that she had worked for years for a German missionary family doing their laundry and caring for their children. Although we declined her services, it was interesting that she must have been watching us to know where we lived. Thomas shared about our warm, friendly mailman that we met that same day. Yesterday when Adriana, Annalise and I walked into the post office Innocencio greeted us by name telling his coworkers about us. As we continued walking in town, two older ladies stopped us desiring to meet Annalise. They were thrilled to have their photo taken with her. Annalise has gotten used to the many people who touch her and ask her name when we are out and about. We pray that while they are watching us they get glimpses of Jesus - in a conversation, a touch, or simply a smile.



  1. Loving the updates guys. Last night as we were sitting down to dinner Chase said that we should pray for you guys. We had been talking about the Russells being in Mexico and I guess that just reminded him of you. What impressed me was that he said Philippines right!

    Anyway, you've been in our prayers!


  2. Wow- such a great picture... how children cross the cultural/spiritual barrier!!! : )

  3. Jess and Eddy - it is great to see how the girls can so easily remove barriers. It is a blessing to be able to walk this road as a family.

    Chaz - I look forward to hearing the stories of when you guys are able to join Cornerstone's mission team as a family, maybe even to the Philippines.