Friday, August 1, 2008

Name That Fruit

Okay, we have done enough talking. Now we open it up to you.
Be the first to name this fruit and win a fantastic prize.

Note to our Filipino friends: Please let those who have not been on the islands have some time to guess before revealing the answer.


  1. Maybe a guava? We had something like that in Cameroon, Africa. My guess....a guava?

  2. We know that fruit well! I know it by 4 different names actually, depending on where in the Philippines you are. Mikayla was reading over my shoulder and shouted the answer as soon as she saw the pics - but I told her that even though we are not Filipino, since we live here and have a slightly unfair advantage, we should give someone else a chance. :) Good luck, everyone!

  3. i just want to know what the fantastic prize is!!
    p.s. Jordan agrees with the Guava idea...

  4. Ok, I was going to guess guava after picture #1, but after looking at the inside, I'm going to guess pommelo (though I've never actually seen one).

    Praying for you,

  5. Todd WINS! It is pomelo. For those of you who have never tasted one, the closest comparison is a sweet grapefruit.

    As far as the fantastic prize...on your next visit, a pomelo of your very own!

    For all of you who hesitated or were unsure, that's okay. As a consolation, we will share a pomelo with you when you come to visit.