Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Annalise!

Happy Birthday, Annalise!

Today we celebrated Annalise's 6th birthday. It began with an video phone call with Grandma and Grandpa and the gang courtesy of Skype.

Enjoy a walk through her special day.

A new book to enjoy.

An after lunch treat of "Fairy Fluff".

Helping make the cake for tonight's Fun Night birthday celebration.

Fairy friends made with Mommy, sisters, and lots of love.

Enjoying her new fairy wings and wand.

The cake made by Auntie Flor for Annalise.

Auntie Flor and Annalise.

Mommy and Annalise making the cakes that Grammie sent.

The finished cakes ready to be taken to the Fun Night birthday celebration.

The birthday girls, Glenice and Annalise, at SSM Fun Night.

Happy Birthday, Annalise Joy! We are blessed by the joy you bring into our lives. Everywhere you go, you bring smiles to everyone who interacts with you. We love you!

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