Saturday, August 23, 2008

Staff Outing

Today we took a day off and had a staff outing. Before we left Bontoc to drive to Mainit to enjoy a day at the hot springs, it was cool and overcast.
As we drove up the mountain, we passed through the cloud layer and it was beautiful.
I always enjoy seeing the people as well as the scenery. The mountain people are strong and work hard.
A couple kilometers from our destination, our journey ran into a snag. An oncoming jeepney was broken down, blocking the road. I don't claim to know much about vehicles and I did not expect that one more person staring at it would be much help, so I left it to the professionals.
But since the road was blocked, we had to leave our vehicles behind and hike the rest of the way. (There are no pictures of Lisa and the girls because they got way ahead of me. Funny how you can move so much faster when not carrying several bags. - Yes, that was a pathetic little jab.)
But the day was beautiful for a hike.
So was the scenery.
Getting close now...
We made it!
Here are the cottages, by the way. We did not plan to stay the night. But in case you are making your vacation plans, I thought you might like to see the accomodations.
Alexie and Taya were nearly inseparable, as always.
Joshua and Walter having fun.
The ladies cooling off.
(You may notice that the pool seems really shallow. They drained it yesterday and are in the process of refilling it. A similar situation occurred when we visited a place nearby last year when we were here. But we had a lot of fun anyway.)
Some of the staff kids.
(I think those are some really cute girls, but I might be a bit biased.)

Okay, I know I am biased. But I am also extremely blessed!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, even the hiking to get there part. Glad you guys had a good time.