Monday, August 11, 2008

Different Audiences, Same Goals

The ministries in which Lisa and I are involving ourselves certainly have their differences. Lisa's heart is for the children she sees. She has been working hard to implement a Kids Club for the children in the neighborhood of the church we attend. While our whole family is involved along with several who attend the church, Lisa is definitely the energy behind it. She really loves these kids. But the children do not have a background of church attendance. Other than our girls, none of the children's parents attend church that I am aware of. Throughout the teaching, children are coming and going from the building. Punching, kicking, and back-flips are common. Lisa and the rest of us are doing our best to keep order as she teaches.

The cool thing is that we are making friends with them. They seem really excited when they see us on the street. It is also rewarding to see some of the children really listening and learning the Bible stories she has been sharing. We trust in the promise that God's Word does not return void. I know that I asked Jesus to be my Lord as a young child. I am sure the patient teacher who was leading the Vacation Bible School class had no idea that I was catching the teaching, much less praying along with her as I walked circles around a tree.

Your prayers for the Kids Club are greatly appreciated. We so desire to see these kids know that they are loved - by God above and His church here below. Perhaps when they give their lives to the Lord, they can bring His love into their homes.

My experience in teaching has been a little different. This morning for the Moral Recovery Program with the Philippine National Police, I had the opportunity to share with ~80 soldiers, officers, and interns standing at attention. (Okay, maybe not attention. The proper term is probably parade rest.) Once again, I had gone with the intention of observing another member of the MRP team present the teaching. At least this time I was somewhat prepared, however. When the time slot for the MRP exhortation came, I was the only MRP representative on-site. So I was called upon. Afterward, the other MRP member and I went and had coffee together. (He had arrived just late enough for me to have started already. I would be suspicious about this, but he did not know I was coming.) My desire is that by participating in the MRP I can get to know the officers. As relationships develop, I long to be an encouragement as we walk through life together and to also share the hope that Jesus offers.

We know that many who visit this blog are faithful to lift us up in prayer. We are grateful for this. The ministries and activities in which we are involved are greater than who we are. Without the Lord's direction and power we would be lost. But your prayers to our good and faithful Father on our behalf support us. Please pray that we would be obedient to His direction and that the hearts of the people here will be open to the truth of His Gospel.


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  1. Amen! I would be at Kids Club - uniforms scare me!