Thursday, August 7, 2008

Calvinball, the Next Play

One thing about this version of Calvinball (see previous post), is that money is helpful. Every play is somewhat costly. To use the format of a recent credit card promotion:
  • Travel to Baguio and back, 1696 pesos
  • Shipping of 7 pieces of paper, 1558pesos
  • The opportunity to share Christ in Mountain Province, priceless
But at least we enjoyed the concession stands. While in Baguio to Fed Ex our birth certificates back home, we were able to visit McDonald's (to the delight of the girls) and a Mexican restaurant (to the delight of Tom and Lisa).

Of course the VISA game is far from over. Thousands of pesos and numerous hours have been spent to play and many more will yet be spent before our long-term visas are obtained.

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  1. shared this prayer request with the worship team at practice last night...Calvin has better luck,I think, at playing Calvinball than you do. : )