Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Survey Says...

We serve a creative God! This week we were able to share our purpose for being here with several different groups of students. They just showed up at our door and asked us why we were here. At the local high school, these students are studying tourism. One assignment they had was to interview foreigners to find out what brought them to Bontoc for vacation.

The first to show up was a girl from church and her friend. Later a young man from our church showed up with 3 friends who are taking the class. But what surprised us most was when another group of 3 students showed up. We had not met any of them. All of this was a reminder that we are always being watched since none of these people had ever been to our house before.

Unfortunately, we may not have been much help to them in regards to tourism. We did not come to Bontoc, or the Philippines in general, because of its natural wonders or other attractions. (Although, I did tell how much we enjoyed visiting Sagada Caverns last year.) However, we were given an open opportunity to tell them that we are here because God put it on our hearts to share the love of Jesus and the salvation He offers to the people of Bontoc. We were able to tell them of how God has led us on this journey. I even had the opportunity to pray for one of the students before she left - she wanted to be more passionate in her faith.

This certainly brings a new meaning to the idea of opportunity knocking on our door.



p.s. It's a good thing they came early in the week. They would have gotten pretty wet. We are currently under another typhoon - Class 2, I believe. The schools are shut down (homeschools excluded to our girls' disappointment) and it has rained heavily for a few days in a row now.

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