Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay, so here we are in a tropical country during the rainy season. We knew there would be rain. We knew there would be lots of rain. For the past week, it has rained almost constantly. Much of the time this rain has consisted of major downpours. Because of the rain we were a little concerned that the road between Bontoc and Baguio might get closed off due to mudslides. Fortunately, there were no problems with our travel.

Baguio was cool and wet. But as long as we were inside it was no problem. We got a little soggy whenever we stepped outside, but we expected that.

When we came home to Bontoc yesterday it was cool and wet. But being inside offered no guarantee that one would stay dry. After the long trip home, soon after going to bed, we found that our apartment was flooded. The supply hose to the kitchen sink ruptured. By the time it was identified, every room was under water. So Lisa and I stayed up until about midnight pushing water toward the bathroom drains.

As I was attempting to drain the lakes throughout the apartment, I was reminded that in everything we are to give thanks. Here is the list I came up with:
  • We have no carpeting, only tile floors
  • It was a supply line rupture, not a septic line back-up.
  • The rupture occurred after we were home instead of while we were gone.
  • The kids were already in bed so we weren't trying to clean around them as they tried to improvise a slip-and-slide.
  • Our luggage proved water-proof, enough.
  • Nothing was damaged.

It is ironic that often we don't have water. The municipal water supply is rather unreliable. But hey, we had water then (and with very good pressure).

Oh well, the floors are all clean now. Even the dust bunnies under the beds are gone.

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  1. The Mexico mission team can certainly identify with rain. While we had only sunny skies and 106 degree weather, we followed hurricane Dolly into Reynosa. Standing water and sewage everywhere. The reason for all of our sickness has been traced back to the open and spewing sewers. While we are all weak and living in our bathrooms, everyone has been calling to report they are signing up for next year! The blessings far out way our discomfort. We found returning to the same church and people to be humbling and very satisfying. One of the many things we did was rip out the back wall of the church, extend it as far as possible (3feet) and build a baptistery! We have developed quite a rapport with Pastor and his wife. He recently learned he is diabetic and Marie asked me to set him straight! Men seem harder to convince. I told him that in order for him to bring people to Christ he needed to be healthy. That seemed to have the biggest impact! Although their diet makes it very hard. Love to all!