Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love Letter from God

Many of those who read this blog have committed to partner with us financially. Tonight we were honored to tangibly share that blessing with the students of the Student Sponsorship Ministry.

At a recent Bible study Lisa was leading we realized that many of the students did not have their own Bibles. There are some Bibles at the base, but many are in very poor condition. We felt the Lord put it on our hearts to purchase Ilocano/English parallel Bibles for each of the students. It is vital that believers have the Word available to them. With the many different teachings they may be exposed to here, we felt it was even more important that the people here be able to study the Bible. On our recent trip to Baguio we were able to purchase enough for each student to have his or her own. It is the first time some of them have had their own Bible.

So tonight, our Bible study was about how to study the Bible. Considering that many of them never had their own Bible, we felt that it was an appropriate lesson for the evening.

Please pray for the students. Pray that God will speak to their hearts through His love letter to us, His Word. Pray that study and meditation will become regular habits in their lives.

And thank you. Thank you to all who regularly pray for us. Thank you for those who support us financially. Your support makes it possible for us to be here serving where the Lord has called us. These Bibles and supplies for Kids Club are just two examples of how we are enabled to minister to the people here through your generosity. May God richly bless you for your faithfulness to this ministry.



  1. Thank you for sharing! We assume so much here in the states. While we know you are doing God's work, it is great to know the details! I remember getting my first Bible (I still have it) and the feeling I had of being connected to my heavenly Father. Be prepared for what is to happen!

  2. How very cool!

    Lisa, great to hear from you on my blog. Glad school is going well. My planning is done but got lots to do before our start date after labor day!

    Keep in touch, loved the guess the fruit a few entries back (I had no idea!)