Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Alayna!

Today our daughter who does everything with an exclamation point turned nine.

She started her day with her favorite breakfast, pancakes.

After breakfast, Grandma and her cousins called her on Skype and watched her open the cards and gifts they had sent earlier.
Of course, what birthday is complete without cake. This cake came courtesy of Aunti Flor, our landlady.
Signing the register at the post office for a package and a letter to Alayna

c/o YWAM

Box 11764 Bontoc P.O.

2616 Mountain Province


Opening her package from Grammie and Papa once we got home.
Alayna and the rest of the Wonderful Blue Tigers! We had a birthday party with the SSM students at Fun Night. The theme was Alayna's Birthday Olympics. There was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as teams intensely competed for the prize in events such as shot put (with a cotton ball), javelin (a toothpick), discus (a paper plate), and equestrian and synchronized swimming (both too difficult to explain in this post).
Just before the torch was extinguished in the closing ceremonies.

All of the contestants. (Many are wearing their gold medals as crowns.)

Happy Birthday, Sugarplum!

We love you!


  1. Happy B-day from the Florida folks!. Thanks for all your concern during our short version of your "rainy season". We're high and dry again...for now.

  2. Happy Birthday Alayna!

    Holly and maya!

  3. Thank you all for saying, "Happy Birthday."

  4. Happy Birthday! We figured out Saturday that Ariel is playing soccer with Thomas's Dad I think! What a small world. Chris has been helping him, it's a lot of fun. Glad to see you had some olympic fun there.

  5. Yes, we were just talking with our niece, Jordan, about who was on her soccer team. Thomas's dad helped us coach for the last several years in Optimist soccer so it is great he is continuing now that we are away. We will miss soccer season. They don't have much available flat places to play here unless we wanted to play in the street!

  6. Looks like it was a happy . . . and fun!!!
    Our love,
    Shirley & Nat