Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Box of Blessings

Thanks Nancy!

When I was planning and preparing for this coming school year, I asked the advice of some other homeschool mothers. I belong to many Yahoo groups that assist by providing resources that coordinate with the different curriculums I use and lots of helpful suggestions. Since we do not have a library, the nearest bookstore is more than 6 hours away, and the cost to ship to the Philippines is very expensive, I needed to make wise decisions on what books to order. While I wanted to make sure to get the books we really needed, I did not want to waste resources on any unnecessary ones. The homeschooling community is great about helping each other and many mothers sent suggestions to guide me in my selections. But God blessed us way beyond that when He put it on one of the mother's hearts to send us some books. When she first offered, I was so touched by her kindness. Here was a complete stranger offering to send us items we needed for school. She asked for me to send her a list of resources I needed and she would send as many as she could. I told her when she found out how expensive it is to ship to us, she might change her mind. She did not and searched her bookshelves and other places and sent us 10 books plus a CD of medieval music! I am continually amazed at God's faithfulness to us to provide just what we need. He oftens does so in such surprising ways.


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