Friday, February 12, 2010

Calvary Gospel School of Ministry

Continuing with their mission to train God's people to study His Word, I escorted the Titus Project team to the nearby village of Talubin to teach inductive Bible study to the students at the Calvary Gospel School of Ministry. I really enjoyed talking with some of the students who were there when I taught a course there in 2008. In fact, one of the students who was there when I taught is now the pastor at Mount Praise Assembly of God in Sagada.

As the team taught the students how to study using the inductive method, they used Colossians as their text. In order to illustrate a portion of the text which talks about getting rid of the old and putting on the new, Victor went all out. As a surprise to both his teammates and students, we broke out the clippers and got rid of the old - hair. He then clothed himself with a new shirt and continued his lecture. He did need to put on a hat because the lack of hair was a little distracting to the class and himself. But I am sure it is a lecture that will be remembered for a long time.
Victor half-way through his new hair-do

That same evening, we celebrated Victor's 30th birthday with the SSM students at the base.
The finished project - with birthday cake


  1. Nat sez:

    Hey cool! Victor and I now have the same amount of hair...only difference is, HIS will grow back!

  2. Little late in reading, but "Happy Birthday!" to one of our favorite Canadians.... even if he has no hair!