Friday, February 12, 2010

Mount Praise Assembly of God

Last weekend, we escorted the Titus Project team to the village of Sagada. Lisa was sick and could not accompany us so Annalise stayed home to nurse her mommy back to good health. I am not sure all of the plans she had for caring for Lisa worked out, but her heart was golden.

Our ministry was coordinated with the pastors of the Assembly of God church in Bontoc who have an outreach in the village of Sagada. They are working to re-establish a church there and were having a crusade there during the weekend.

In addition to Bible overview teaching and a seminar on Bible study methods, the team assisted with prayer at the end of a Saturday night concert at the local school yard. It was incredible to see so many give their hearts to God and cry out to him at the conclusion of the concert.
Mount Praise Assembly of God

The church is located about a hundred yards off the road in a stand of pine trees.
The path to the church building.

While Victor taught a Sunday School upstairs to the adults, our girls and the children from the team assisted with the lesson for the children downstairs.
Elise, Kenna, Alayna, and Alexie act out Max Lucado's You Are Special for the kids at Sagada.

The kids were proud of the hut they built among the trees near the church building.

Unfortunately, Lisa was not the only person who dealt with sickness through the weekend. While we were in Sagada, Alayna and Nathan developed fevers and sore throats. Often during the teaching, they slept on the floor.
Nathan, under the pink coat, and Alayna trying to rest through their sickness on the floor of the church.

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  1. You guys were busy bees! Bless their little hearts. That's tough to be sick on a trip like that.

    Thanks for sharing!