Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date with a Teenager

Happy 13th Birthday Alexie

Today we celebrated the momentous occasion of our Alexie Christine becoming a teenager with more than just cake and ice cream. We have a few traditions that we include in this special birthday. The birthday girl gets all dressed up and Daddy takes her on a date. During this special time together, he presents her with a necklace. Besides her silver heart necklace,
Alexie received a special keepsake book we created with the help of our family and friends. This treasury included words to live by, inspiration, advice and love. Loved ones wrote messages about the most important things they had learned, qualities a woman should have, something they wished someone had told them when they were 13, and special memories they have of Alexie.

We are so pleased with the girl we have watched growing up and the woman we are watching her become.


  1. What a beautiful picture! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIE!!!

  2. Very neat! We're doing a "passport" to purity at 12. I'm taking Ariel to Chicago for an overnight this weekend. Similar ideas... It's great to be an intentional parent! Way to go!