Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They're Ba-ack!

One of our girls complained that her head was itching. Upon inspection, it was easy to see why. Blessing #1: I could not find any lice (or even eggs) on anyone else. Blessing #2: we still had one bottle of Lice MD on hand. Blessing #3: the municipal water ran a little longer than normal so Lisa could rewash all the bedding she just washed the other day.

Not a happy discovery. But as a homeschooling family, we did find it interesting to investigate a little further with the microscope.


  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with them again, but happy that you found them before you all had them! What a bummer to have to wash all the bedding again so soon.

    Have you ever looked at the municipal water under the microscope?

    Not much longer for you guys before you head back to the US. Mike and I were just talking about that earlier. Do you have tickets yet?

  2. We have not looked at the water by itself yet. That may be scarier than the lice.

    We are in the process of checking out tickets. The first quote we got was over $10,000. Now we are looking at about $8,000.

    We know that God will provide, but we want to be sure we are being diligent stewards.


  3. Nat sez:

    What a lousy blog post!