Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Is Finished!

Today was my last Values Education with my grade 5 class. Honestly, this was a really difficult year and there were many times I felt like quitting. Yet I persevered. Throughout the school year, I have been telling them Bible stories emphasizing over and over a few things: all these stories are true, God keeps His promises, and He loves you. Again and again I told them, "It is not about trying harder and doing good things. It is all about Jesus." Often, when I would teach, it seemed few, if any, students were listening. But today, I am thankful to say, was different.

Trusting that what I shared throughout the year, along with the New Testaments I handed out to continue to speak into their hearts.

This is my friend, Angel, that blessed me each time I came to the school with her timid smiles and waves.

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