Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fetchin' the YWAM Salem CDTS

Last week I made the journey to Manila to meet a YWAM team from Salem, Oregon.  God blessed me with an uneventful journey and I arrived in Manila with a little bit of time to spare.  I used the opportunity to hunt down a Subway restaurant for dinner - my favorite.
This photo I took on the way to Baguio has nothing to do with the team, but I love looking down on the clouds. This was particularly impressive as the clouds completely covered the valley and only the mountain tops were visible.
I arrived at the airport early because their arrival was not scheduled until 11 pm and I had nowhere else to go.  I heard their arrival announced on-time.  However, it was not until after 1 am that they arrived in the passenger pick-up area.  Everybody was tired, but people and bags were all accounted for.

The pictures are a bit blurry, but I think that reflects the mental status of all of us at that time.

Leigh had the right plan as we waited for the bus to arrive.
We had made arrangements for a bus to pick us up at the airport and drive us through the night to the YWAM Baguio Training Center - a trip of about 7 hours.

The next day - actually, later the same day (Friday) - we went into Baguio and looked around while trying to get the team through some of the struggles of jet lag.

Saturday morning the bus that would take us from Baguio to Bontoc arrived a bit early and got everybody flying around trying to get things repacked and loaded onto the bus.  Once baggage, people, and motion sickness medicine was all on-board we were off - to wait in traffic due to the construction before leaving Baguio.
Everyone bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the beginning of the trip - before the sleepiness of the motion sickness medicine set in.

Jazlynn enjoying a snack along the way.
While I traveled to get the team, Lisa and the girls made preparations to welcome the team to Bontoc.

Gathering for a meal Saturday evening

Alayna and a very exhausted Taden.
It was a couple of long days and everyone was ready to go to sleep by the end of the meal - most made it to their beds before falling asleep, but not everyone.

We are so excited to have the team here ministering with us for the next two months.  We look forward to seeing what God will do in them and through them as they serve Him in Mountain Province.


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