Saturday, September 17, 2011

Official Welcome

2011 YWAM Salem Crossroads Discipleship Training School

Monday we escorted the team to the Bontoc Museum.  They especially enjoyed the outdoor exhibits where they could touch and climb and explore.

In the evening YWAM Mountain Province hosted a welcome dinner.  All of our staff and their families gathered together with the team for an evening of fellowship, eating, worship, and dancing.
Thea and Katie modeling some traditional Bontoc attire.
Shane, Rufina, and Patrick
Rudy and Eric

Taden is such a happy little guy, everybody loves to get their hands on him.

Jazlynn, Annalise, and Ariana

A good time got even better when the gongs were brought out.  The Filipinos performed a few dances then everybody got involved.  The team was adventurous and soon joined in the dancing and even playing the gongs.

After the gongs, the Salem team presented a few of the songs and a drama they have prepared to share as they minister over the next couple months.

We also celebrated a few birthdays.  Michelle celebrated her birthday while traveling here.  Arielle's birthday was Monday so she had quite a memorable celebration.  Amy's birthday was later in the week.
Michelle, Arielle, and Amy
It was a full day of learning about the Igorot culture.  Later in the week Bontoc celebrated the Am-Among Festival; but that's another post.

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