Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Keep yer pants on!

After taking Friday and Saturday to get adjusted to the 15 hour time difference, we have been reflecting on our trip. We can all recognize areas that God has worked on while we have been away from home. Tomorrow will be the last day of debriefing for our family before we head back home on Thursday.

Tonight our group will present our trip to the base at the Tuesday night service, The Rising. Since most of those who follow cannot attend, I thought I would let you preview one of the videos we will be showing tonight.



  1. As I sat here crying after watching your video, I can only imagine the emotions you all are experiencing this week. My prayers are with you and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
    Love to all.

  2. Be blessed in all you say and do. I wish I could be there. Thanks for sharing the video. Everything and everyone is still fresh in my mind. At times our experiences seem surreal. I'm glad we were there. Please share a follow up of the The Rising.