Monday, November 26, 2007

So thankful

We have been so blessed by the time spent with our families this Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, there were the abundant dishes to enjoy and no rice, imagine that. We did introduce them to one Filipino treat, Coco jam. It is an incredibly sweet topping. Delicious food but the best part was being able to relax with family. Five months is a long time to be away. We are very much aware that it will soon be a much longer time apart. Yes, we are very sad at that thought but we know that God has asked us to go and we are trusting Him to meet our every need as we follow Him.


  1. Miss you all and I read your blog about once a week. So you know that I'm watching you. I'm in the process of getting my condo ready to sell, I like you will be making a big move.
    Love ya Howard

  2. so good to see you guys a bit b4 you go. always in my prayers, so proud of you..