Friday, November 16, 2007

The Philippines - As Viewed by Annalise

Lisa has been having the girls use their experience in the Philippines as the basis for school writing assignments this week. The following are Annalise's impressions (as recorded by Lisa):

Describe the Philippines
The sink didn't have any water. The Philippines was far away in the mountains. There was squattie potties. There was never winter there. It was not cold. It was warm. You could wear short sleeve shirts and shorts. It rained a lot in the afternoon. There is bamboo they make houses with. They made rocks as stairs. There are dogs, kitty cats, piggies, and chickens.

Describe the People of the Philippines
Them look like they have black hair. They have brown skin. They have brown eyes. They wear flip-flops on their feet.

Them love me. Them love my hair. They would touch my hair. They gave me hugs.

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  1. Dear Annalise,
    I loved your blog entry! It brings back many wonderful memories! Do you have any mints? When are your sisters going to publish their notes on the Philippines?
    Love, love, love,