Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macaroni and Cheese

Yes, the girls were able to enjoy a meal of macaroni and cheese, compliments of Grammie. They have also had fun playing with toys they haven’t seen for 5 months. But it was funny to hear them pretending to be traveling on an airplane. After all of those flights, they have the stewardess speeches down pat.

Saturday evening was the first time in a very looong time we cooked a meal for our family. We decided to break away from the routine of chicken and rice and served steak and rice!

It was good to be back with our church family at Cornerstone. We were welcomed back with plenty of hugs. We look forward to spending time catching up with everyone.

The school bell rang once again this morning. Garden of Grace Girls’ Academy is officially back in session. We had a modified school schedule through the summer and the girls wrote about their experiences while we were in the Philippines, but now we are resuming a more traditional schedule.

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